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Sophia Gibson
United Kingdom
Current Residence: A desert island somehere in the unexplored regions of the Grand Line.
Favourite genre of music: Japanese pop/rock. I HAAAAAATTTEEEE rap and RnB. It IRRITATES me.
Favourite style of art: Manga or Hi-Res CG
Operating System: Well, in my head there is a drunk monkey with no brain that pushes all these buttons in my mind...
MP3 player of choice: Cheap ones!! (Though now I have an iPod for the memory)
Wallpaper of choice: My One Piece one. Yeh so I'm obssessed...
Skin of choice: The LEAD one I made, if I could get it to work...which I can't.
Favourite cartoon character: Vincent Valentine (FF7), Raphael (SC), Balthier (FF12), Ashe (FF12 again), Miles Edgeworth (PW/GS)
Personal Quote: If you love someone, set them free. If they return, put several 8-inch blades into their head...
  • Listening to: Bink's Sake
  • Reading: Hard Times by Charles Dickens
  • Watching: One Piece
  • Playing: Digital Devil Saga
  • Eating: Your soul.
  • Drinking: Tea. Tea tea tea. Teateateateatea.
Oh gosh! Sof, Sof, where have you been? Do you realise that since your last journal entry you have sat two whole sets of exams, found and lost your first ever relationship, and almost finished Pokemon Sapphire?? Do you realise that while doing all this, you have completely forgotten to even like sign in and friggin UPLOAD SOMETHING?? No. No I don't. Shut up and leave me alone. Stoopid brain voice.


Gurgh. Here are some things I despise.
1) Now. Y'know that wierd time when everything that's all been happening at once just suddenly dies out and you're left with absolutely nothing? So do I.
2) You return to a game you haven't picked up in about over a year. You have no idea where you are, what you're supposed to be doing, who these people are and what they can do, and pretty much all of the story up to this point apart from maybe the intro. Yu also have no idea how to use this battle system and what your agenda on ability-learning was.

...That's it. On another note, I have a new gopher :iconslash-n-run-13: (you rawk man!!) to run on a wheel being really really awesome and making me gun designs for LEAD, my gunslinger-y manga that I will EVENTUALLY finalise and upload one of these days!! Yoshaaaa!!
(NOW I realise after offending J00, SEAN-DAWG!! that I didn't finish that sentence properly-- I didn't mean it!! I only call you my gopher as an affectionate nickname. Like my bitch or something. Only my real friends are the people I insult! (Seriously, ask any of them) I'm sorry!! I had no idea you'd take it that way man -_- Me being a douchebag again. I'm just so used to yelling 'OI BITCH' at :iconsoupgirl: and the others that I forget that not everyone is used to my...'unorthodox' means of affection 0_o)

...And once again I am faced with two ominous monoliths to attempt to read over the next LIFETIME. Nah, it's not so bad-- we get two classics, not the two most BORING books in the world this time. Also, I get to study ANYTHING in the WORLD I want to and make an anime opening for media coursework!! YAY!


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